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Discover your Destiny
and learn how you can literally co-direct the outcomes of your future! 

Harness the power of Chinese Metaphysics before life happens so that you can see and leverage otherwise unknown (or hidden) advantages and design your Personal Power Plan strategy for accelerated and sometimes immediate auspicious and harmonious life & business shifts! 

No BS approach to finally feeling vital through 

from the outside in

Grow Your Vision

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Identify Blocks


Clearing & Calibrating




Personal Power Plan 


Self Develop & Flourish

"Feng Shui is a living skill. There's an art to it. It's scientific; it's mathematical and at times it's logical - with an element of magic."

My top 10 reasons to start Feng Shui'ing_edited.png
right now!_edited.png


You experience a lot of stress, anxiety or overwhelm


You are concerned about your finances and desire more cash flow


You have "stuck" energy - your Meridians are blocked or stagnant


You are looking for ways to increase energy and motivation


You want to boost your business or career and have more success


You would like to enhance and expand social connections


You want to replenish your relationship or find your true love


You'd like to improve academics, learning & memory


 You wish to nurture the growth & well being of your children


You or a family member are experiencing health issues 



My own Destiny Path has led me to deeply connect to the study of Qi.
Since I was young; I understood and felt the environment in ways
others don't and gradually over the years have been divinely led to extensively study the art and science of how we can co-direct our vitality, flow and the outcomes of our future through proven processes and
structures of Chinese Metaphysics. Below are the specific areas
in which I am certified and qualified to teach so you can purposefully, positively improve your life and business. 

Professional Planner & Coordinator - Certified in 2011

Feng Shui Consultant - Certified in 2018  

Qigong & Meridian Training = 2019 

Black Pearl Practitioner = 2019

Quantum Human Design Specialist Level 2 = Certified in 2021

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