Kristen Day

Personal Growth & Emotional Wellness Trainor

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(what I do)

The truth of who you really are is so f*cking ready to be revealed! 

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Spiritual Branding 


Be the                of your energetically calibrated life! 
You get to step into purpose and ease by
intentionally shifting and simultaneously syncing
your environment with new inner narratives!


I guide and mentor my clients through processes and deep energetic work and deconditioning that create a harmonized balanced of their internal self with their external environment using; 


Reclaim your power and live your dreams — even if you’re just beginning to dabble in spirituality and have no idea how to create a solid sacred practice to heal and enhance your life.

Who I work with 

Unblock your confidence, unlock your voice and unleash your intuition 
I help women uncover and live from their hidden strengths so they can show up aligned and confident in their life and business roles.
When you decide to invest in yourself by diving into this work, you’re deciding to create aligned connection and change in your world. Not only for you but all the people you are about to impact!  
Practitioners, Healers and Creative Entrepreneurs   
My Pillars

"Life Force is where your personal abundance systems stem from. All you have to do is know how to tap into Universal flow and your life will come alive!"


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Are You Ready to Sync Your Energy?

Our lives are shaped foundationally by conditioning and patterning from a variety of influences. These extend far beyond our inner reality and from out into the physical realm of our environment; the Quantum Field. Our beliefs, emotions and inner world begin to shape who we think we are from particles of unconsciousness wedged deep into our being from out there in the ether...the vortexes. So it is my belief and learned knowledge that we can rearrange the energetic frequencies that are available to us so that they work in favorable unison together with our magnetic monopole and THAT my friends is how we can begin to manifest what we desire into our lives!     

Quantum Human Design

Energy Heling and 1:1

~Kristen Day 

My field of study and credentials    

Feng Shui Consultant - Energetics of Environment

Quantum Human Design™ Specialist 

Black Pearl Technician

Qigong (Energy Medicine)

Meditation Activations   

Usui Reiki & Energy Healer

Positive Psychology Practitioner




Hello beauty, you’ve found sacred ground. And I’m honored to be here with you. I'm Kristen - a Creative Purpose Strategist for women and men who are Practitioners, Healers, Intuitives and those of you who believe they are one of the above  how to get their sh*t together by designing their own healing plan FIRST... Until then; you can't move on to creating that desired life or business you have rolling around in your mind (or magnetizing your clients) just won't work out energetically....believe me, I tried and failed a few times (like wtf?) and finally figured out the right way is through healing YOU...I'll show you exactly how to do this part  We work together in private sessions or in online, live programs to RAPIDLY integrate specific and strategic deep shadow work, reorganization of chi energy, calibration to environment and self healing techniques. My clients release blocks and destructive energy patterns within one session. After a short time doing this work, they land in a new Paradigm with new feelings...feelings of more ease, purpose, energy and the tools to efficiently know how to heal...deeply heal...continue to they can begin to help others heal!  During our time working together, we will encorporate modalities and tools that I am Professionally Certified and versed in through years of experience. Some of these tools include Shadow Work, Quantum Human Design, Positive Psychology, Feng Shui, Black Pearl, Qi Gong and Neuromeridian Healing Technique  Are you ready to become who you are meant to be? I'm inviting you to connect and see how we can work together...I can't wait!!  Big love, Kristen     

Whether you’re just beginning on your spiritual journey, or are hitting the spiritual glass ceiling, you’re in the right place. Here, there’s no more playing victim, making excuses, or limiting yourself based on what your friends and family think of your spiritual curiosity or massive dreams.

It’s time to wake up and get moving in the right direction. 

In my ‘former life’ I was an M.D. endlessly seeing patients who had dis-ease and deep pain in their bodies...who really needed to address underlying emotional dysfunction, toxic relationships, and unhealthy situations in their lives to create true health, wealth, and spiritual wellbeing.

Since then, I’ve been dubbed #DrLove on FOX’s reality TV show, Utopia and have hosted intimacy workshops worldwide. As a top meditation teacher I’ve held classes, workshops and teacher trainings in LA’s top studios, and as a transformational coach I’ve changed lives globally through my online courses, programs, and exclusive 1:1 mentoring. 




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