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Done For You Services

Congratulations on completing your course content!

Or, maybe you are really, really close to being done which is over-the-top exciting.

Now, you need a professional to execute your MASTERPIECE by setting it up on a solid platform so all you have to do is concentrate on smashing your launch out of the park, signing up your soul clients and witnessing how the magic unfolds for you and for them!     

Where do you need the most support...

to accelerate your online course or program?


Course Building

With this Service You Get:

  • a beautiful course to present to your clients 

  • to be stress free that everything will run smothly

  • … your site will be marketing ready.

  • … you will not have to spend any time learning new tricks.

  • … you’ll know for sure that your site is built with the right software.

  • … you can leave development to us while you do what you do best: create and share knowledge.

  • … you’ll get strategic course advice and help beyond your site build.

Feng Shui 

With this Service You Get:


Email Automating

With this Service You Get:

1 hour chit-chat session so we can get to know the low down on your desired outcomes of the funnel ie to gain more clients, grow your social, make more sales. We will collect your copy, images or other items to accompany your emails at this time.      


A fully customized  sequence of automation created for you that flows beautifully into your customer's inbox based on your current program, offer, sale or upcoming launch. 

We will add all your copy, information, links, photos etc. and connect to payment gateways if applicable. 


All triggers, specific dates and times will be lined up in cue perfectly so that you can be at ease that your customers are getting the right information at the RIGHT TIME so you can focus on all the other magic happening in your business...sound good?   


Please note that we use your copy, images, and materials.

This service does not include content creation or copy writing    

$38 / hour

min. 3 hours - prices are in USD 

Online Event Hosting

With this Service You Get:

1 hour chit-chat session so we can learn all about your  event and what tone, feeling and vibes it has!  We will dive into what type of energy you would like infused into the

interaction. We will also collect any links or specific comments you have planned for use.      


Personal 1:1 texting interactions with your attendees leading up to the start date. (This is PHENOMINAL for your customer service experience!)


Link sharing, posting thought - provoking and engaging comments and vibe raising energetic interaction during your live session(s). 

Personal 1:1 texting with guests after event to thank them for attending. This will leave your potential new customers with a "wow" feeling and may increase your sales numbers!  

If you have any other event hosting 'tasks' you would like covered please be sure to ask - we can probably accommodate at a special rate!

$38 / hour

min. 3 hours - prices are in USD 

Course Coach Community Manager
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