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4 day morning  



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If you are anything like I was only a short year ago

then you NEED this 4 day Morning Energy Connect    

If you know it's time to push aside the version of you that drags yourself through the day, wondering where your freaking energy and motivation went and what the heck it's going to take to feel alive again then...

This might just be the answer you are looking for!  

Day 1

We will dive into a chat about what Personal Energetics are and the types of energy that play a role in our daily lives even when we aren't noticing.     

Day 2

A discussion about the energy leaks that exist in our lives and how all the influences that surround us take our valuable energy from us. We will also create awareness around the ways in which we "miss-disperse" and misuse our precious energy every single day.   

Day 3

The juicy ways to replenish your personal energy. Although a super important part of your over well being (these suggestions are not fitness or nutrition based.) I'm going to show you how gentle and sequential movements and the power of your inner being can be a direct connection to Chi and how you can be your own conduit!      

Day 4

We will wrap it all up on day four with implementations that are personalized for you to maintain the direct and intentional energy flow that you now know how to connect with. And how you can continue on this journey so you can step into a paradigm were feeling like life is easy becomes your new normal!     

Bring your favorite pens, water and dress comfortably, see you there!

Join this FREE 4 day experience and discover the magnitude of your invisible energy

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