Are you struggling with

Pandemic Flux? defines flux as;


  1. Something that constantly changes. 

  2. noun a state of uncertainty about what should be done (usually following some important event) preceding the establishment of a new direction of action


Being in flux can create mental health problems, such as stress and anxiety. For many, our minds and bodies have simply become fatigued, and recalibrating to the new circumstances in our worlds is weighing heavy and hard on us. I’ve listened as some of my clients have admitted that they feel defeated, ashamed or guilty because they believe they should be feeling happier with their lives and are struggling with their self worth. If you are relating to any of this you might be one of the many people experiencing what we’ve begun to refer to as “Pandemic Flux Syndrome.” It’s not a clinical term, but it captures what we are living through.





  • Feeling physically fatigues and burned out

  • Feeling emotionally challenged every day

  • Feeling a sense of disconnect from self and others

  • Feeling unworthiness or a lost sense of value

  • Feeling like normal daily tasks are overwhelming

  • Feeling sad or angry or bitter towards what is on social media 

  • Feeling unsafe or afraid to enter into societal environment

Symptoms of Pandemic Flux include:

Does this speak to you? If yes, then I invite you to check out my Freeing Flux workshop this Friday October 29th at 1:00pm might just be what you need right now

This Masterclass will show you;

  • What Flux Syndrome and burnout are

  • Foundational, restorative self care techniques

  • Why reassessing things can help move you forward  

  • How connecting with others will raise your heart coherency

  • How creating a plan for peace and ease in your life is possible

  • Ways to take the “high alert” signal in your brain down a notch

  • How to connect to and maximum your VLFE (vital life force energy)

I would love to share with you information and methods that I have
found to create a sustainably more peaceful and connected life!  

When you go through this workshop you will learn;

  • What your ‘surge’ capacity is 

  • How to connect to your Chi energy

  • How to leverage your adaptive systems  

  • How to restore balance in your energy field

  • Ways to make peace with your current reality

  • How emotional energy can create our potential

  • How to change the narrative you have created about your current reality 

Over the last 19 months I have had to rearrange my thinking, my life and my business! In the process of deciphering how to move through the waves of uncertainty, I gathered the courage to decide that I was going to come out on top and began to move on it (to take action)...I was not going to let this unexpected disaster manifest some reality for me that I wasn’t okay with!  





When you register for this workshop you will get;

  • 60 minute live presentation

  • Worksheets    



Are you wanting some extra support?

Join me this Friday October 29th at 1:30pm PST for a free workshop, “Freeing From Flux”. During this 60 minute presentation you’re going to learn the tools you need to begin feeling more ease, connection and momentum in your life.



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