Quantum Human Design


Spilling Sand

Because you are ready to discover the truth of who you really are and step into your deepest authenticity

Are you looking for clarity around your purpose, and how to best navigate your life? 
Are you constantly asking yourself the same questions over and over...stuck in rut,
depleted of emotional and physical energy...simply out of alignment?
Have you heard of Human Design and are ready to go deeper
beyond what Google can tell you about your type?  


Quantum Human Design? 

This is the journey of deconditioning and alignment.

Quantum Human Design is a powerful tool: it's a blueprint that outlines who you are really meant to be. It's kind of like the greatest cheat sheet of all time...for real!  It’s a tangible guide; a way to access information to your unique abilities, gifts and energies. 

It provides insights to the ways you’re here to impact, influence and communicate your purpose and your message. It’s a resource that teaches you exactly how to make the right decisions in life and begin to deeply trust and guide yourself (and others!)


You are here AND READY to step into your most potent, magnetic and authentic self and I can show you how Human Design will get you there!

It is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese, I’Ching, the Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System and Quantum Physics. Using your birth information, we can run a report in the form of a chart. This chart is specific to you and holds a tonne of valuable information!   

And you might be wondering exactly what it teaches you...


there are 5 different ones


a vital key to your life  


the way you make decisions 


your lessons - when you are not living in alignment 

In short; the details (lines, gates and channels) of your chart show you how to make the best decisions, your life purpose, the most suitable career, your style of work and play, how you interpret and connect to the energy around you and how you can be authentically aligned. 

$169us for a 60 minute reading

White Sand and Stone

..... It explains how to align easily and rapidly to your true authenticity and live with ease in your fullest integrity.

In a reading you get

Explanation of your energy frequencies and aura 

A overview covering your profile type, strategy, authority and themes 

A deeper understanding of yourself and your not-self expressions

A dive into your shadows and how to begin the shadow work 

A look at your creative matrix and who you are meant to be

How to make the BEST decisions for YOU! 

A look at your incarnation cross and your life purpose 

A 60 minute recorded Zoom session 

An emailed PDF of your Body Graph (chart)

You and your business

Creative connection and clarity for your business; how best birth your business into the world and how to sell and connect with your ideal clients based on your HD type, gates, channels, strategy and authority (we will deep dive into this!)
*this session is $219us 

Regan T 

First off, I have to say that Kristen is super authentic, a true healer here on earth doing her thang! She has this humbled energy that I connect with and I feel safe to be me with her. The way she explained my authority and themes and purpose was ridiculously eye opening (and true!) I've been living life in ways that don't make sense and now after only a week of making suggested changes, I'm soaring! Book a dang reading with her!   

Nancy R

I absolutely loved my reading with Kristen. She is gentle, honest and supportive. I have been noticing and recognizing where I was doing things out of habit and in my reading I learned how they weren't serving me. Her insights from my chart were so powerful. I loved how she shared my chart with me in an easy and fun way that I could totally understand. She gave me ideas for how to live my DNA! Give yourself a gift of a reading with Kristen!

Jordyn C

Whoa! Having a Human Design reading by Kristen has literally changed my life. I can see and understand now how to make decisions that are best for me and after a couple weeks of applying my strategy that she taught me, things are shifting...I feel a renewed sense of purpose and excitement about what I can achieve and have clarity for the first time in years about the direction of my life. So much love and gratitude here! 


I am a proudly Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist through the Quantum Alignment System Program and currently part of Karen Curry Parker's Intensive Coaching Mastermind.  

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, I highly recommend the Program!!

You can register  >>>> Here...you won't regret it! 

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