the platform

A 12 month Choose Your Own Healing Adventure! 

Hey there! My intuition tells me you found your way

here because you fit perfectly into one of these:

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You've been experiencing a lot of emotions and feel yourself drawn to seek what it means to be awakened. You desire to know more about finding self purpose and direction. You are excited to explore your path and begin your personal expansion & growth journey.    

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You are a Healer, Witch, Intuitive, Psychic or Mystic and you are finally so f*cking ready to unveil your brilliance, magick and gifts to the world as you acknowledge your calling; the fire within. You have been seeking a sanctioning coven among others JUST. LIKE. YOU.

You're not broken, stuck or blocked. You haven't been self sabotaging. What you've been longing for is a unique way; a customized way to do your own healing journey. This program empowers you to        


what is right for you

at the right time

in the right way

you get to decide what you need next
as part of your healing journey


Are you overwhelmed by all the courses, programs and healing modalities out there and you're not sure what's right for you?

the platform

You could design a program that fits you?

Fits your lifestyle

Fits your budget

Fits your mood

Fits your curiosities

and fits all your light and dark edges    



The Platform is: An alchemical container and community that is the catalyst for lasting healing and growth where you’re seen, heard and wildly accepted in all your darkness and in all your light.

This one of a kind program is for the soul who:

  • Is curious about the hidden treasures and resources that lay between the microcosm (your body & personality) and the macrocosm (the Cosmos - Source - Divine)

  • Is excited by the possibilities of the quantum, energy, oracle, tarot & witchy stuff

  • Is exploring their purpose and knows they have gifts to share 

  • Wants to creatively express and desires 'seeing what's out there' 

  • Is intrigued with shadow work and forging through the dark 

  • Desires connection to Source through personal / environment calibration 

  • Is ready to make lasting changes and BE part of a solid community

The platform 



ummm, I mean healing journey!  

Along your path in the Platform you get to choose which core courses you want to take in addition to all the monthly content, challenges, masterclasses, workshops and surprises!  

Kick off Group Session 

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Untitled design (4)_edited.png

Aura Anatomy
(2 weeks)

Intro to Flying Star
(2 weeks)

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Untitled design (4)_edited.png

Human Design 101
(3 weeks) 

Heal Burnout By Design 
(9 weeks)

Heal The Witch Wound 
(9 weeks)

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Untitled design (8)_edited.png
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Untitled design (14).png

Mystery Course #1
(will be revealed before choosing)

Mystery Course #2
(will be revealed before choosing)

Mystery Course #3
(will be revealed before choosing)

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You Will... 

At the end of The Platform Program, you will have gone through a complete inner and outer life shift. By choosing your right next step along the way, you will have designed your unique path while healing your deepest wounds, deconditioning your limiting beliefs and aligning to your truest, most authentic self. The woman on the platform experiences her awareness, lives with ease, finds her direction and is ready to be seen!

What you get...

Level 1

Image by Natanja Grün
Image by Karly Santiago

Level 2

Level 3

Image by Tanya Trukyr

A few of the module choices include:


  • Shadow Work   

  • Be Seen and Heard 

  • Up leveled Self-worth    

  • Hermetic Divination 

  • Witchwork Spells and Apothecary  

  • Feng Shui for the Soul 

  • Flying Star Feng Shui 

  • The Psychic Trail

  • Your Human Design Blueprint

  • Selling by Design

  • Burnout by Design   

  • Kyron Return

  • Mercury Return

  • Jupiter Return

The investment 


Additional Bonuses:

To be announced by January 1st

if you have any questions about this program please drop me a line at at 

Kind words...

I was super excited to find a Feng Shui Consultant close to home and then as soon as we hopped on a call for the pre-visit consult, I knew Kristen was my girl! Her level of knowledge in this field is incredible. The walk through was very thorough and Kristen made SO many awesome suggestions I wouldn't have thought of! The report she emailed to me a couple days later was 18 pages long!! And I started to put her suggestions into action right away. The best part is that Cam my husband was out of town and by the time he got home I had already started seeing positive shifts and such and increase in my over all well being and energy. Job extremely well done Kristen, Thank you!

 ~ Wendy C.    


I was introduced to Kristen through a mutual friend as I had been looking for someone to help me manage my chronic anxiety. I was told that her healing abilities were really good so I connected through email and she intuitively discovered the underlying reasons where likely coming from my home what?  After 3 months of coaching I am over the moon to have my life in complete order and most of my anxiety is totally gone! Believing in this process and trusting Kristen's guidance was the best gift I have given my self and I wholeheartedly recommend working with her - she is magic! Blessings and love, thank you!         


 ~ Kristy R    


I reached out to Kristen through a group we are together in because she had posted a #win about being certified in Feng Shui and more than anything my curiosity radar went off haha! Short of new business was sucking and wanted to see if she could help. Within a few weeks I had physically (& mentally) re-arranged sooo many things and was able to focus in my 'office' and actually start making really great money witch was my desired goal!! My favorite day of the week became Mondays when we had our sessions online, Kristen is beautiful light in this world and such a fun soul to connect with. Hire it!! Love & light  


 ~ Becca A


Kristen Day does not make any promised guarantees about a client's results or what they may get out of the program with her suggestions, knowledge, information, ideas, tools, or strategies. You recognize and agree that she has made no implications, warranties, promises or guarantees whatsoever to you about your future outcomes with respect to your purchase and participation in the program. There are no specific or guaranteed results from taking said program and no refunds for purchase. 

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